Thursday, January 31, 2013

At the exam in Tandarei

   As I decided to look for a job in the domain I just graduated school and I herd about the reopening on the hospital from Tandarei, I started preparing for the exam. After preparing my file and submitting it to the secretariat I also found out materials I had to study. One week later i showed up for exam which  was scheduled for 11 a.m. As my car wasn't available because of some technical issues, I had to take the bus. I went to the maxi taxi bus stop that morning around 9:15 and as it was cold and it wasn't showing up I decided to take a taxi, knowing from the "Autogara Slobozia" site that the bus going to Tandarei was at 9:40 a.m. When i reached the Bus Terminal and i get off the taxi i saw the bus for Tandarei which was actually leaving at 9:30. I was lucky to catch it in time. I knew there was another one scheduled for 10:00 but i wanted to be at the hospital earlier. 30 minutes later i reached the city and i got off the bus. I started going to the hospital. I missed the street and I was again lucky to ask a local man what is the right street because i would have went wrong way. Finaly I arrived and went at the back buildings they i was directed. I was surprised to see one of the girls there that previously told me she is already hired there. when actually she was doing volunteer work. Everybody was waiting outside in the cold while the wind was shaking the snow from the trees. Later we entered the canteen to warm up. We filled a form when those responsible with the exam came. About one hour later they came with the 2 subjects and i extracted one. Apparently the questions from the exam weren't difficult the only problem was that they were not on the topic of the lessons they gave us to study and i couldn't remember if asthma presented inspiratory or expiratory dyspnea. As I knew asthma was characterized by the airways narrowing it was obvious that this narrowing was both stopping the air to go in and out. 
   This was the question at the test :-i'll come back soon with the rest of teh story

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