Wednesday, January 23, 2013

XVII.Back to Lagos

     We arrived early that day back to Lagos. I was happy we were back but terrified by the idea we had so much long before my return flight. The house was the same as we left it. We brought the air conditioning with us hoping to install it in the house. I cleaned everywhere, swept the floor and cleaned the windows hoping we will be moving in the other side of the house. But the electrician that came one week later didn't succeed to install it. So we kept on sleeping with the terrible fan on. It was making an annoying noise but we had no choice.
      We discovered an acceptable restaurant not far from home called KingstineJo. They had a new building fresh painted and decorated for Christmas with air conditioning and live music. We went to eat there. I ordered some fries with chicken and Chideraa took a shaworma. I found an good orange juice there from Chivita. I tasted their ice cream but it wasn't what i was expecting. I think they forgot the fries in the pan because they were filled with oil and the meat was strong. I tasted Chideraa's shaworma and it was acceptable. The restaurant was getting very crowded in the evening. People that couldn't afford to buy something there were starring between the  bars of the fence. I hated the music not because it was bad but beause it was too loud and the sound system was poor quality. 

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