Wednesday, January 9, 2013

XIV.Later that day in Onitcha

  Eventually i had to go to toilet. On the way to the toilet i was surprised to see how many rooms the apartment had. Apart from the living room there were at least 4-5 rooms. They had linoleum on the ground and none of them had bed, just a foam on the floor with no sheet. I entered one of the rooms where i saw an ancient wardrobe. Not many other things in the room. I went to toilet, i just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. I did not want to imagine spending the night there. I came back to living room and Alex decided we should go out that the place is unbearable. 
   I was happy we were going out of there. And we went to a cool hotel that had a pool. I took my bathing suit from the bag and a towel. I was happy that finally i found something to keep me busy. Alex and Charles took a seat at the terrace and ordered beer. I and Chideraa went down to the iron ladder and we went to change in the locker room. None of the toilets there was functioning. Outside the locker room was a playground and checkerboard in large size with 50 cm tall plastic pieces. I had a linen shirt that i wore on top of my bathing suit and i had to come back with my sandals because she iron ladder was heated by the sun and it was impossible to place your bare feet on it.
    I went straight into the pool hoping to cool my body. Disappointment was high when I realized the water was warm. They had some swimming rings, made of plastic that looked life life rings. The color was faded by the sun and now they were reddish brown. Some places the plastic was broken and you could see the sponge inside. Bianca grabbed one of them and joined me in the water. At least i could do something i like: swimming. And i took a few laps around, swimming under the rope that was warning you that the water is getting deeper. Chideraa dropped her swimming ring in the area of deep water and i went after it. While i was swimming handing on it, i felt something on my back and i shook but  then i felt it again. When i turned my head i noticed a terrible insect with many legs, about 7 cm big and running toward me. I screamed and used the water to push it further away from me. Then i swam as fast as possible. I didn't feel like going to that side again and i went out. I left the swimming ring in the water and Chideraa was angry but her daddy came and picked it from the edge of the pool. I wore my shirt and went to sit down on the plastic chair and drank some Coca Cola . Around the pool was paved with stone tiles. Lizards of different colors and sizes were running fast up and down. 

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