Wednesday, January 23, 2013

XVIII.Alex" friend

    I was happy every time we were going out. Many times i did not even know where we were going but i was happy to go somewhere. One of those days we went to visit one of Alex's friends that was the owner of an electrics shop. He was very kind and brought me an electric device so i can use it and boil the water in a cup and make coffee. We went to the area where he was living that day. He invited us upstairs. He was living in an apartment at the 1st floor. The apartment had a small hallway and 2 rooms. We entered one of the room that was about 2.5 by 2.5 meters. Inside they had a sofa and 2 chairs, a t.v.,a fan and a video player.When the light went off it switched off to the generator and it continued working. They served us some soft drinks. The man was living with his 3 small children, the wife and the mother in law. Chideraa wanted to enter the other room but there was no chance inside. The foams placed on the ground were occupying the whole room. The man gave me a photo album with pictures from their wedding where Alex was the best man and other pictures from their children.s baptism. I watched the pictures with Chideraa while the man was holding the youngest daughter. in the same room there was a Children's table and some small chairs. I needed to go to toilet and Alex said i shouldnt go there but i had to. The toilet was outside. The wife fallowed me and took some water from the fountain to wash the cement in the toilet. There were 3 or 4 toilets but  because there was no water they were all dirty and unkempt. From the stairs while going up you could see the roofs where all sort of garbage were thrown. From there we  went to a place where Chideraa could play because we were boring so we decided to go to the National Theater. 

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