Monday, January 21, 2013

XVi. At the hotel in Onitcha

       Later that evening we had to look for a hotel to spend the night since we couldn't sleep in Alex; cousin apartment. We waited in the for him to make a shower. I took his so long and i was boring. Finally he came and we looked for a hotel. We found a room not far from his house. The secondary roads were extremely bad but we found a hotel close to the main road. The scar didn't get away unscratched because of the way the sidewalk in front of the gate was constructed. We went upstairs to see the rooms. The smell of kerosene was everywhere inside the building. We took 2 rooms and Alex wanted to eat outside. I tried to convince him to eat at the hotel but he didn't agree. I was tired and i didnt want to remain alone in the hotel room while they were going out to eat. Finally i decided to go with them. We stopped at a local restaurant where they ordered fried fish and beer. Chideraa was already sleeping in the back seat and i decided to stay in the car and try to sleep. But it was impossible. Later i went out but the mosquitoes were so many and i had to go back in the car. The bar was straight on sand. They took 2 big fish and they ate one at the restaurant. We took the 2nd one to the hotel room. I was happy when they decided to go back to the hotel. I went to make a shower while they stayed outside. There was absolutely no place where i could hang or put my cloth in the bathroom so i put the on the bed. I took a refreshing shower and changed into my nightwear. I was unpleasantly surprised how hard the bed was. I cant imagine what was made of and even more unpleasantly surprised by how strong the pillow was.  think it was made of straws or roots. It was terrible. The generator stopped many times and they had to restart it. It was making a terrible noise. We were too tired and we slept soon upon all the  inconvenience. The next morning we woke up early and hit the road to Lagos. We gave the fish to the guy that washed the car that evening. 
       Early in the morning we went back to Lagos. I was still tired and I managed to sleep a little in the car. 

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