Wednesday, January 16, 2013

XV. Diary 16th of January 013

I went to Bucharest yesterday. I was surprised that i could be able to wake up by 5 am. I took a book with me and i ate and 1 orange in the morning. I took a cup of coffee too. I prepared a sandwich for Chideraa so that she will eat it at school. I arrived in Bucharest around 9 and i went to meet Elena at Piata Victoria. I bought a banana and ate it while i was waiting for her. I saw a shop of silver jewelry in the subway station and i was looking at them when she arrived. We looked for Street Argentina no. 41, the new address of  the Nigerian Embassy. I saw it on the map on my computer and it wasn't hard to find it. It was 20 minutes to 10 at the time we arrived at the gate. We asked the doorman and he said  we can go inside after 10 o'clock. It was extremely cold outside ad we went to walk around, looking for a cafe bar. As we didn't find we entered and pharmacy and I bought the medication I take every month  because they were finished. At 10 o 'clock we went back the the embassy gate and we asked the doorman if we can come in now. While we wre still at the gate the a black man came and he greeted us while he was going inside. I later found out he was the council. The doorman said that the people that i am looking for haven't arrived yet and then he wen inside to ask the receptionist if i can go inside. He came back shortly and told me to go inside. I gave her the documents she required and she went to the council to show him. She came back and she said that the council wants to see me. I went to his office and i explained to him what i need. He he asked me for a photocopy of my husband's passport and then he asked to see my own passport. Thank God i was inspired to bring this along with me because nobody told me i needed them. He said i have to rewrite the request for legalization of documents and he explained to me how to do it. Then i went upstairs and wrote it on a chair. While i was writing it a black boy came to th embassy. I wasnt sure if i have to write transcript or transcription so i asked for his opinion and he said  transcript is the correct work. the council came up and he thanked me for marrying a man from his country. I smiled. Elena was freezing outside and she called me. I told her that is she is feeling cold she should go and wait for me at Spring Time because i need more afew minutes to finish writing the request. She said she will wait for me outside. I finished and i left the embassy. I told the council that i need the documents fast and he said he will try to  help me. The woman said its more likely to finish them late in the evening, that she will call me if she will have them earlier. So i went with Elena to Spring time to eat. I took a Mexican salad with carrot and raisins salad and a cup of coffee.  We talked a lot as usual and after we decided to go to Unirea shopping City. We went the by foot from Victoria. We entered many shops along the way because i was looking for a medical terms book in German language. At the library we entered we found lucky jewelries that they said they brign luck or success. I felt their energy when i touched them but i did not buy any because i oculdnt decide on the color and we said that we will come back later. We saw a red bag in a shop window and we went inside and bought it. Then we went to Bershca and from there we went along the mall. Later after   we wondered around  the stores we went to kfc. I was feeling sick and i noticed i had a red spot behind my ear that was warm and swelling. At kfc i took a vegetable salad and they said i hve to choose a sauce too even if i wasn't allowed to eat it because of my allergy, and a bottle of mineral water. We could barely find a seat. Elena went and bought a cappuccino and a coffee. I hardly ate the salad because i kept of dropping the vegetables from the plastic fork. One of my teeth started paining me so hard and teh pain was extending to my head. It was unbearable. Elena  went to ask the personal for a toothpick because i was suspecting food had entered my teeth and that was the cause. They didnt have any toothpick at kfc so i broke the fork and used the stick to clear my teeth. Elena gave me an Antinevralgic pill from her bag and the pain stared reducing. After we finished the drinks we went to Universitatea where i was entering the bus to the station.  I took bus 85. I was wondering if that was the same bus where i met Alex in 2006. I arrived 5 mins before the bus was leaving and i was happy. But the happines did not last for long. I noticed the bus was making weird noises and was heaving difficulties at startup and the 2nd time this happened something broke and he had to pull over. The tooth was still paining me , it was pulsating. I put my frozen hands  on the swollen gums and the pain reduced. It was codl in the bus and i was starting to feel more and more sick. I was wondering what caused my allergy again . Was it the ketchup from the frozen salad or the coffee, or the milk. The driver removed some pieces from the car. He was outside in the cold, working alone. I wanted to go outside and help him. People in the bus started making noise because they were afraid that the last bus passing on that route will not pick them. The driver picked his tools and i thought he finished fixing the car but it wasnt so. Everybody went outside to wait for the other bus. It was late and the bus wasnt showing. The driver was talking on the phone. We was wearing only a pullover and i was thinking he will catch cold. I wanted to ask him if he would like to have my hand gloves so that his hands will not freeze but i didn't tell him. When the bus arrived people rushed to catch a seat in the bus. I was behind them. As i was expecting i had to stand butu i wasnt the only one. I was at the back of the bus so i decided to sit down on the stairs. It was better than to stand. Not long after some people came down and one kind man asked me to have a seat even if he was still standing. Finally i could warm up my frozen feet. But i was feeling more and more sick because the place behind my ear as getting more and more swollen and i was feeling this was also happening on my belly. I spoke for Elena for a long time on my headset. After 2 and half hours i arrived t my city. I felt i needed to walk home and not enter a taxi, although it was far and very cold. Nobody was on the street. I was walking fast because i wanted to get home as soon as possible. Chideraa was still playing on the computer when i arrived. I looked for an antihistaminic pill because they had finished and  there was n pharmacy open at that time. I was lucky to find a pill of symforal. The allergy was getting worst and the red spots on my body were hot and painfull. I ate some back radish because i herd it helps in allergies. Although i was extremely tired i was afraid to fall asleep because my neck was swelling. I tried to on my computer so i can write everything down but i had no conexion. I was too tired not to fall asleep. I was wondering if i will wake up in the morning because i would be here writing this. But when i wake up the allergy was worst than ever and my body kept on swelling. My lips were swolen on one side and my eye. Also i had big swollen area all aver. The ones on the back oof my neck were painful. I didnt want people to see my with this face but i had no choice i had to take my daughter to school. 

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