Monday, January 7, 2013

XIII.1 day in Onitcha

I wasnt happy at all when i found out we had to spend a night in that house. I left the hotel that morning hoping that we will go back to Lagos. I wasn't expecting something like that. But only the idea of spending a night in that house was driving me crazy. The living room was bearable.It had a sofa and 4 leather chairs, sheer color, 2 or 3 glass tables of different shapes. Chidemma went to toilet and Bianca fallowed her. I did not have the guts to see the rest of the house yet. Hanging on the wall they had some wedding pictures of Dan and his wife, wearing both white. On the couch there was a head of pillows of different colors and shapes. Dan excused himself and left because he had to go back to his shop that he closed to come and meet us. Alex laid down on the couch then i pulled one of the other chairs closer to i can stretch my legs. I remembered the rice that Charles bought for me and i went downstairs to pick it from the car. The iron railing was broken and i had to go very carefully. Dan called somebody to come and fix the electricity so that we can put the air condition on. The man standing on a chair and he was working on a thick table. He could fix it so he soon left. I came back with the casserole of rice. I then went to kitchen to look for a spoon. I don't remember what i wanted to wash there, maybe my hands. There was no tap water just a few empty bottles with a rusty color, definately from the water that was inside. The kitchen had everything you needed but i think everything there was more than 50 years old. The walls were painted into a dark grey color, almost black. I noticed that from kitchen you could go to a small balcony and from there you had a second exit. The  antiquated door was barely closing. I went back to living room to eat but the food was terrible. I couldn't imagine what was in  Charles mind when he said that this is the best rice around. I ate the meat only. I found a little water in the kitchen on the bottom of one of the bottles and washed my hand. It took me a while to go and see the rest of the house, as if i knew what was expecting me 

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