Sunday, December 30, 2012

XI.In the village

  We arrived in the village in the afternoon. We lodged at the same hotel like 2 years ago, in the same room. Nothing has changed, only their price got higher. Alex negotiated the price with them and they reduced it with 1 or 2 thousand Naira. We went to the house, but nobody was around. Grandma was at the hospital because he had an accident. We did not know how bad it was and when she will come back. We went into the house to see how it looks. It had iron door everywhere with iron lockers like a garage door.What i did not understand and i was very revolted about, is why they put iron lockers both on the inside and outside the bathroom door. It looked like a prison. Who am I going to lock in the bathroom? That thought was weird. We climbed the stairs which this time had railing to hold on to. The house had custom ceiling everywhere even on the terrace. I saw a very big insect and Charles said is a poisonous, maddening bee. Thank God i did not put perfume this morning i dont want it to confuse me with a flower. We went in the other house but the heat was overwhelming. Bianca brought the Indo'mie she kept in the car and ate it in the living room. We sat there for a few moment then i went out. They showed me where they berried Clifford right in front of their house there was a big mound with  some plants with big leaves on it. We decided to leave. The road was spoiled by the rain and it was bumpy. The car was going up and down and it was afraid it will tumble or get stuck in the mod. We never knew how deep the puddles were. We did not go far and we met grandma. She was coming home from the hospital She said that a bike hot her. She entered the car and Bianca was soo happy to see her. She did not want to let her go. We wanted to visit Chidemma and we left grandma to go home. We parked the car in their yard. Chidemma mother, a robust Negress, was extremely happy to see us again. She came and hugged me strongly and asked me when am I going to have another baby because she thought I was pregnant last time she saw me. Chidemma was not home and we gave the mother some Naira so that she will cook for us the next day. We went back to the hotel and Chidemma joined us soon. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

X .Workers or robbers?

     The next morning the security boy opened the door and we drove out. I wasn't happy that we had to drive back for a while before heading to Anambra. I wanted to have a different view and see new places. As we did not know the road, we used to ask the way to the next city we were passing through. At a crossroad Alex slowed down and a bunch of man came close to the car and places wooden beams with nails under our wheels. We couldn't move because they would have spoiled the tires. They said we should show them the documents from the car. They started fighting because Alex  was telling them he leave us alone and choose another car to stop. They told us to park the car on the other side and they were keeping the beams near the tires in case we wanted to drive off. After we parked they brought big rocks and places them in front of the wheels. One of them was holding a rope and he was folding  it around his hand in a noose shape. Charles said he wants to talk with their chief and he went out of the car with him. I did not understand what they wanted because i asked Alex before if he renewed the documents from the car and he said yes and I also knew Chemo took care of it. They gave us a bunch of colorful papers that they said they are required. I took a look at them but I was too tense to realize that most of them were not about driving and cars because I never herd of a Sanitation Certificate for cars. I tried to call my brother and Elena to tell them what was going on in case they will not hear from us again. But there was no network. Bianca was scared and was asking what is happening, Charles came back from the chief and asked me to give him 7000 naira. I gave him and he went back to negotiate with them. He came back for another 3000 naira. Alex was regretting reducing the speed and stopping the car for them because of not knowing the road. It was a deserted area. Other cars were passing fast in that area and I was wondering if they stop their own citizens too or only strangers. Knowing the situation of this country and after reading other stories in internet, all kind of thoughts passed through my mind. Charles came back again saying that we have to buy the papers they required that they say that is possible for others to stop us on the way and he collected another 5000 naira from me. After paying them they came and removed the stones and nails under the car and we drove off. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

IX. 3 nights in Abuja

   Later that day we went to a local restaurant where they wanted to order fish. They picked the fish they wanted to eat . Uncle A. bought a mix of sweetened popcorn and peanuts for me. Soon the girl serving came and said she cannot cook it because she is alone and she cannot serve and cook at the same time. So she brought them cow head or tail with pepper soup.  I drank Eristoff and uncle A. took a soft drink.. We left after they finished eating  because the mosquitoes were biting me. Back to the hotel I went inside room where they sprayed Flit and I slept while the man continued drinking at the bar. 
   The next day we went to the Ministry to stamp the birth certificate. A policeman working there helped us and we supposed to come back and pick it 2 hours later. Near the parking where we left our car there was an outdoor restaurant. Woman working there were enticing the costumers by telling them out loud which good foods they cooked.  I took a bottle of water while they ate semo with soup.  Bianca ate with them. We found a taxi to show us the road to the embassy located on Nelson Mandela street. At the embassy the consular attache  couldn't help us much because the council was travelling and we supposed to book an appointment long before. He was so frightened and insecure, i couldn't tell why. The fact that we took the risk of driving 700 km and that I was leaving the country before the council was coming back did not matter. A kind man working there that we encountered when we arrived seemed to be more willing to help but had no power. He excused himself that he cannot on the air condition because it had a lizard inside. 
We asked the attache if we can transcribe the document we needed there and he said that he must check because the procedure is complicated. He asked us to call back in 1-2 hours so that he will find out. When I called he said that he cannot help us and that we should book an appointment in 2 weeks time when the council will come back. I wasn't expecting to make this long travel without working things out. We left there  surprised by their lack of interest in helping us. 
    Later that afternoon we went looking for an old friend of Alex. The road was extremely bad that area. Charles bought pineapple that we kept in the trunk and he also bought some sliced watermelon pieces that we ate with a toothpick from a black bag. We went to the place where his friend used to live and we could not get any information about the guy so we came back through the capital to avoid the bad road. Back at the hotel I gave the pineapple to one of the boys working there to cut it for me  and I drank strawberry yogurt milk with uncle A. I regret not going to uncle's house to meet the other members of the family. Who knows when I will be in that city again to have that chance. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

VIII. Arriving to Abuja

    We crossed through a  deserted area. From time to time we could see planten sellers on the edge of the road. Later on we encountered some villages where children of all ages, dressed in colorful uniforms, where walking on the edge of the road. Many of them were 2-3 years old and Alex was driving very slow because  they were so unpredictable and he was afraid one of them will fall or jump in front of the car. We stopped at a gas station to fill the tank. Charles went inside the shop to get some Guinnes beers and i went to buy 2 oranges from a nearby stall. An ambulant seller came and i took a Halls. 
   After a few hours of driving without stopping  we stopped at another restaurant because i needed to go to toilet again. Charles bought some suya meat and we ate it in the car. The meat was strong and very spicy but i was too hungry to bother. It was getting dark and we had to hurry up because it was dangerous to drive in the night. I did not want to think about what will happen if our car spoil in the middle of nowhere. 
    14 hours after we left Lagos, after  missing the road 2 times we finally arrived to a city near Abuja where Alex's  uncle said that was waiting for us at a crossroad. We arrived there before him and we parked the car. Charles went and bought more  suya meat hoping that this one  was going to be softer . I ate 1 orange that i bought before. It was very juicy and tasty. A few minuter later uncle A arrived and we fallowed him the one hotel he knew. The read on the highway was good but the moment we entered a secondary road it was like hell. The ground was scratching the car under and we were afraid it will spoil. We needed 2 rooms and the hotel had only one available. We considered  that Charles can spend the night at uncle A. but i did not like the place. It was still under construction and there were cables hanging on the walls, even on the hallway we entered, we had to bend our heads to go through and i felt is not safe for my daughter. That's why we decided to look for another hotel. It was crazy to drive on those roads but we had no choice. We had to check about 7-8 hotel until we finally found a room. They had a restaurant and the rooms were in another yard across the street. We parked the car that was making a weird noise and we send one boy to carry our bags to the room. We stopped at the restaurant so that we can have a word with uncle A. I was angry with him because he did not make good arrangements and he did not look for a room before we arrived. Bianca wanted to go to toiled but she changed her mind when she saw the place. I wondered if everybody goes out with  toilet tissu in their pocket because it was extremely rare  to find a toilet that had it.  I was tired and upset and i almost finished the Alex's Guinness beer. They brought some food and Alex and Charles ate. I was surprised to see that a man with handicap was serving at the bar. I told them that i am tired so we dismissed uncle and we went to the room.

 The place was awful but none of was was ready to keep on looking. It had an iron door with a padlock on the outside and a latch on the inside. The small tv had an iron case with locker so that it will not be stolen. The bed was big but the sheets were old and Alex said they are smelling bad. I did not want to know how they smell. I wanted to put the water in the fridge but i opened it and felt the mold smell and i changed my mind. The room had a noisy fan on the ceiling and i had to cover myself with the scratchy blanket during the night. The bathroom door had iron latches both on the inside and on the outside. It had a small sink, a WC without cover and a shower without bathtub. It was equiped with bucket like everywhere and an extra tap so that u can easily fill the bucket. I don't remember if it had a boiler. All this at only 3500 Naira. Most of the hotels in that area had this price. 
   In the morning, after i took a shower and dressed up we moved to Sunset Hotel that had was a way more comfortable. When we arrived with the car they used a mirror attached to a stick to look under the car. I dont know what they were looking for, maybe weapons. I told Alex to tell them to check how damaged was the car underneath. He laughed. They also checked the boot. Then they opened the gate and allowed us inside. We went to choose the rooms. They were ok so i went to pay them the  7000 Naira for 2  of them. The bed had old sheets but they were clean and ironed. We had an lcd screen on the wall, a desk and a chair. The bathroom knob was  broken on the inside and there was a chance to remain locked but luckily you could open it bu using the key. The bathroom was clean and it had a big mirror , a glass shelf where i placed cosmetics. There was a soap and toilet paper and the WC had a clean cover. Near the big sink there was a toothbrush hanger and a towel hanger.  The shower was build in the same style with no bathtub and sometimes the water was not flowing. Outside in the yard they had a terrace with a straws roof  and enclosed with PVC carpentry, where the bar was placed. I asked them to boil some water for me so i can make a coffee. I took a chair and a table and i sat in the sun. Everybody was asking me to go into the shadow and  they were surprised to find out that i licked the sun. Bianca wanted to eat Indo'mie and we asked them to cook it for her.Uncle A. was waiting for us since 7 a.m. at the hotel but we woke up late.
     The view from the hotel was fantastic. The place was surrounded by mountain rocks.
     I was anxious to see capital and soon we went there. On the highway we could drive 160. The road was perfect but in some areas the traffic was slowed by bad drivers using the same speed on all the lanes and by the buses stopping under bridges to pick passengers. In about 45 minutes we were in the center of the capital . Nobody was outside, the roads were deserted like in  an empty city. We went up and down the roads and we saw the Ministry of External Affairs and the  central mosque from where some people were leaving by foot. We could rarely see cars on the road and the traffic lights were off. We went to an enormous hotel that Alex knew. We found out that it wasn't open for public that they were only sing it for conferences and the restaurant was closed to we only took some pictures there. It had a few children playgrounds but i think it was impossible to play there as they were made of iron and it was extremely hot. We went to look for a place to eat and i noticed a mall along the road. We barely found a parking space because someone was leaving.  We went inside and at the last floor we got a place where we could eat. The sellers were crowding, fighting which one to serve me. I paid more than 2000 Naira for some chips, a piece of meat and  Bianca's fried rice. I also took a Cola and a Sprite. I was hungry so i ate. The view was wonderful and we took some pictures. Bianca became friends with a small girl that was there with her family. The mother took pictures of Bianca and her daughter. She then told me i should make some brothers and sisters for my daughter. I told her i am working on it as i was telling everybody. The mall had also a Spar shop and A Nike or Adidas one. When we left the restaurant i bought an ice cream. We left and went back to the hotel 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

VII. Going to Abuja

    We decided to go to Abuja because we had some things to do at the Ministry of External Affairs and also at the Romanian Embassy located on Nelson Mandela street.We decided to wake up early morning so that we will start going in time. I put my alarm to ring by 5 but Alex stopped it and continued to sleep. Charles promised to wake us by 5 but he didn't make it. I woke around 6.30 and i i had to awaken everybody else. We packed our bags in the car and we said goodbye to the hotel staff that wasn't happy that we are going. In the small parking there were many cars and a Hiunday Camry was blocking our exit.  The staff did not know who was the owner of the car and it took them about 30 minutes to find the person and ask him to come and drive out. We finally left Festac around 7.30. As they don't have many traffic signs this was a journey toward the unknown. I asked Charles if he knows the road and he said that he went to Abuja before but with bus and he slept all the way. We missed the main road they wanted to fallow and being on a highway there way no way to come back so they decided to fallow another route. I bought small bags of cashew with 100 Naira per piece from the ambulant sellers that were taking advantage of the traffic agglomeration, sometimes in the portions of bad road. You could buy anything you needed from them but most were selling soft drinks, cashew banana, cola nut, peeled oranges or even boiled eggs. Charles bought some eggs that morning  and he had to throw them away because they weren't good.  I was usually drinking Coca Cola that was costing 100-120 Naira or Coca-cola water.  The road on the high way was sometimes excellent and we could reach 150 km/ hour but on some portions it was so had to drive with 20 km per hour. As they were still working on the road they had many diversions and from time to time we had to drive on the left lane. I was always careful at what is happening on the road  because we never know when a huge Lorry was entering a dangerous overtaking without  being careful and most of the time we end up suddenly braking and driving off road to avoid an accident.  We were fallowing  a Cisco bus that we knew it was also going to Abuja. Before leaving we also considered going with bus because they knew the road and also because of the kidnapping and robbery risk on the road. Alex brother was saying that the bus drivers were communicating between them and knew when the road is clear.
    We stopped at a Tantalisers restaurant because i needed to go to toilet and also we were hungry. i took "Moin Moin", a beans pudding with spices with hot pepper that was containing  boiled eggs. I did not like the "Moin Moin" that they  cooked at that particular restaurant, luckily i also bought 2 donuts and and ice cream so i shared the donuts with Chideraa and finished the ice cream in the car although it wasn't tasting as i was expecting. Alex wasn't happy with the food he ordered either. We left discontented. I was hoping to find the same food is all the restaurants of the brand but I think it depended on the personal recipe of the woman cooking it.
    At most of the crossroads  we were stopping the car to wind down the glass and ask people, most of the times ambulant sellers, the way the the next main city we were heading. This was the only way to get the road unless you did not know it very well.  People were friendly and they were giving us good directions. We stopped somewhere to ask a man which is the road to Ibadan,the largest city in Africa, and he said he was going to that city so we took him with us in the car to show us the way. He offered to go with us and show us the exit to Abuja and from there he went back to city with taxi that they call "okada".
   Somewhere along the road we saw some human body parts on the roadway. Nobody stopped to find out what happened to the dismembered woman body.  Her face was covered by a veil and she was cut in a few pieces. I did not see any blood so we assumed she was killed. It was a deserted area so it was out of the question for  usu to stop the car.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

VI. First days in Nigeria

     We went to the marriage registry to make sure they had all the required documents . We made pictures for the file and he needed a bachelor document. We paid to get it and the chief made a meeting to make sure that everything is in order.They asked me my name and my address. I did not understand what they actually wanted until realized they all wanted  money. We made an appointment for the next day. We went back home after spending a few good hours in the car because of the traffic. As our own car was in service with Shino we had to book a taxi for the day. We went to eat at Big Fish that evening. Charles called them in advance to order 2 roasted catfish. I drank Smirnoff ice and Alex and Charles took Star after Star as usual. Bianca became friends with the girls and boys working at the bar and she was spending time talking with them. As usual in evening time  the bar was full and extremely noisy. At the 50 inches wide screen t.v., surrounded with the iron anti theft protection that was locked when they closed, they were playing a Nigerian film. Everybody jumped up from their chairs frightened when we herd a big bang. Not long before this event i red an article on internet about a girl that was shot accidentally by the police and i was afraid for my daughter's life. Everybody went back to their chairs as nothing else happened. Charles later found out they were gun shuts fired up in the air by the police in order to stop some undisciplined drivers. Alex called Kingsley's sister and she joined us at the table. They first brought water in bowls and liquid soap to and we washed our hands and after they brought the big plates of grilled catfish with chips and cabbage salad. Everybody was eating with hand but i was always asking them to bring  fork for me. Most of the times i gave up waiting for them and i fallowed them in using my fingers to eat. The fish was delicious as always. We couldn't finish it so we told the to pack it so that Josephine will carry it home. They had big water basins not far from the place we were eating where you could choose yourself the fish you wanted to eat at a price between 1500 and 3500 naira depending on the size. After a few hours we went back to the hotel and i went to sleep while Alex and Charles continued to drink at the hotel's bar.

V. At the hotel in Festac

   The hotel room where we spend the first days of our holiday in Nigeria was pretty cool . The shower was o.k.  although we had a to wait a little while before hot water would start coming . The bed sheets were clean and the bed was comfortable .The room had a desk with a tv on , a chair and a wardrobe with no door and a few square shelves . The windows had the so called "robber proof " and big curtain . By the window we also had a shabby huge armchair and nightstands on both sides of the bed .  Alex was always setting  the air condition at 18 degrees and i was feeling cold so i had to cover myself with the blanket . The bed was big so 3 of us were comfortable in it . I put the 10 cans of beer that Alex asked to the flight attendant because he thought that he paid enough and he deserved it . I was surprised that they gave him so many beer because i was always feeling ashamed in the flight to ask for too many drinks or an extra portion of food as he did .
   Charles had also a room the same hotel but downstairs . Last time where I went to Nigeria , anywhere I was asking for coffee i dint not find this is why this time i brought enough packs of Jacos 3 in 1 . In the morning i was going to the hotel's bar and asked them to bring me ma cup of hot water so i can drink my morning coffee. After 30-40 minutes , tired of waiting i was going myself t the kitchen , where I always find a black lady doing nothing , and i was looking for a cup and filing it it water to make my coffee . I never understood why it was always taking them so long to do anything . We had the breakfast included in the room's price and if i was going to order for it it would always take them around one hour to prepare it . The breakfast consisted in a  sandwich made with omelette and a cup of milk made with milk powder and sugar cubs and Lipton tea . When they noticed that i drink coffee in the morning they brought 2 sachet of Nescafe instead of the tea. One morning , after one hour of waiting for the breakfast i went to check what they were doing in the kitchen and i saw how there were making the sandwiches : after preparing the  omelette on the kerosene stove , they put it between 2 slices of bread and place it in the sandwich maker on which they placed a heavy saucepan :)) .Bread in Nigeria is sweet . I think they make it with milk and sugar , powder milk i suppose because i did not see much fresh milk . I can't even imagine those thin malnourished cows giving much milk .I think i know now why they mostly eat the head and the tail ,the stomach, the legs  and other things that we usually, Europeans don't because there is not much meat on the bones anyways.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

IV. The next day

   We wake up around 9 or 10. Kingsley brought some things that we should give to his sister when we arrive to Nigeria . They were packing the things , checking the weight . Me and Chideraa had a bag of 23 kg together and 2 school bags and he had the rest of 100 kg  in 5 bags , mostly carrying his cloths and shoes . We needed 2 cars to drive to airport so we found a friend to hep us .I went with Kingsley and Chideraa went with his dad in the other car . I was looking at his face . He was just an impoved version of Obi .... i can't believe how much he resembled him . I think Alex noticed the way I was staring at him the other night .I helped his type the name of the airport on his gps because he did not know the road very well . He was driving fast and he asked me if i was afraid since i was holding myself by the handle above the window. I said no and he smiled . Alex was so excited by this trip that he did not have time to eat the omlette that the man's wife prepared for him so she found a box to pack it for take away . We cecked in and finally got into the flight . They waited a few minutes for other passengers but they did not show up . The flight was almost empty . The lasagna they brouht for Chideraa was delicious , maybe because i finished her remains i didnt enjoy the food they later brought for me . As the fight was almost empty most of the people lied on 2-4 chair and slept . I tried to watch a movie but it did not capture my attention . When we got off the plain I felt the humid heat surrounding me . People for all the plains that landed on Murtala Muhammed Airport were flocking on the same exit down the stairs . We had to fill some form . After passing the stairs we were divided into 2 lines , nationals and foreigners . Luckily they noticed Chideraa and they allowed us to pass front . They stpped my husband for fingerprints so i had to bring out 10 euro from my bag so that he will escape interrogatory . We waited for a long time for the bags to come out . Finally we were out . Mathias and Chemoo and Charles  was waiting for us . Chino was driving our car . We went to the hotel in Fetac .

III. A day in Italy

      It was an apartment at the 3rd floor in a villa. We had our own room .Kingsley brother was living there with his wife and his 2 kids . Chideraa was happy to have a playmate . The youngest was about 1 or 2 months old . I was incredibly tired so i tried to get some rest while Alex went out alone . I woke up after afew hours . Hungry . I went to kitchen and found some sausages in the fridge . I was surprised to find "white people\s food " in their fridge . They had all kind of things : yogurt , milk , muffins , salami . I brought a cappuccino from my bag and boiled some water . The man was cooking stew . He said that he is the one cooking in the house . Cool . This woman must be very lucky with 2 kids and a fine husband , living in a nice house . They asked me if i want to eat the food they cooked . I said i want to wait for my man to come back . I took a shower in the huge bath . The bathroom was enormous and with the tall walls was looking even bigger . I wonder how she succeeded to keep the house so clean while heaving a newborn .I took some pictures with my camera both inside on on the balconies . The rooms had wooden blinds . I called him to on the heat because as it was getting dark it was starting to get cold .He told me to close the wooden blinds that it will get warm because the administrator hasn't on the heat yet .
      I was angry that after so many hours he did not come back so i was thinking so many things ...Where did he go ? who is he with . So i decided to go out so that he will not find me when he comes back . I took a round of the neighborhood . I was already dark so i didnt see much . Just some houses and some fences .I was looking around carefully so that i will not miss the road back . On our coming back we sat down on the bench in front of the house . There were two buildings with the same entrance . they had flower pots every where . It was a lovely place to meditate .
     He was laying on the bed when i came back . He showed me the wedding ring he bought , the ones we chosed earlier but his own was a little tight.We decide to wear them from that moment. The man brought us food so we decided to eat in the kitchen . He had a visitor .They were laughing of the way i was eating the "semo" with fork .Chideraa was tired after the evening walk so she fall asleep quickly .But Alex wanted to watch football so he asked me if i want to go downstairs with him to look for a place where he can do it . The man fallowed us . They took beer and I took an alcoholic drink similar to Eristoff , who\s name I don't remember . The bar did not have the tv cable that was playing the football so we sat there and they discussed about educating their kids in Nigeria because they believe they they will get a better education there . I did not have the courage to visit their school though. We came back home around 11 because the bar was closing . I was happy that  they were closing because i was really tired . Not enough tired  not to expect some attention from him that night but as i was expecting i did not get it . He just hold me and we slept.

II. First time in Italy

Where were we ?
So we arrive din Italy . That day Rome didn't IIseem to me so spectacular as I was expecting . The architecture is close to the one is Viena , I almost felt like home dough ...They came back with some friends . One black guy that visited me before in Romania that was dating a romanian  girl from Bucharest . He came to me and said :
- Look how big you are ?
- Why ? i replied spiteful and then i realized he hasn't seen me for so many yers and that\s why he reacted like this when he saw me . He looked so different and old .
   We fallowed Kingsley to the queue where he was standing to buy a  train ticket for his friend. He was number 316 and they were only at number 259.  A long way to go but at least he was dragging my bad so i was free to looks around the shops in the station . The prices were to high for me to near them so i bought an ice cream to comfort myself. But i couldn't finish it so i gave it to Alex so that i will not throw it away.
    We went looking for some shops with reasonable prices . I wanted a perfume but we couldn't find anywhere Ghivenchi "Ange ou Demon " as I wanted . We finaly got one shop that had it and he bought me a gift set with shower gel and body lotion , despite finding it extremely expensive. After this we went to an italian leather shoes shop  where Alex bought  pairs of sandals for himself . I really cannot understand why i said i don't need a new pair of sandals in the beginning of winter , maybe because most o them were brown , which is not one of  my favorite colors, but i later regretted not buying some quality stuff. I was thinking that i will get some boots on my way back from Nigeria
    Kingsey dropped us to the tram station , then he went to buy something . while i was waiting for them to finish shopping i entered another market and bought a pair of lovely sandals for Chideraa. He used his card to open the gate to to tram stop. We waited for Kingsey to come back and train after train were coming and leaving .We later decided to go without him , i dont think he was even plannign to come bcck. We counted .There were 13 stations to the destination. I thought it will take forever . Finally we arrived to the house . The place cool.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I. A family reunion

     We have been planning for this trip for a long time . We met in Italy , Rome . WE arrived early in the morning and i was expecting him to be waiting for me at the airport . I was so tired and he wasn't there. We waited and we waited, people were coming to pick their friends and family , car after car . The guardian of the parking was smoking ganja without any problem . Finally he came and we took a bus to Roma Termini. Chideraa was happy to see him , she was holding him tight . He came with a friend that took my bag . The traffic was high and it took us more than it had to to arrive to the destination . We went somewhere to eat . They went to keep the bags in a friend's house . I ordered a coffee and 2 donuts. Chideraa wanted a pizza. It was old and she couldn't eat it . The coffee and the donuts were tasty . I went to the toilet and i was unpleasantly surprised to find a dirty and unkempt . They came back soon with the bag because they couldn't find the guy at home so we went looking for a shop to buy our wedding rings . I am going to pick my daughter from school so i will be back to you soon