Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6:30 a.m.

     Something weird has happened to me this morning! I woke up by 6:30. And i wasn't tired like i used to be every morning when i was actually struggling to get up from the bed. I feel incredibly good and happy after so many years of not being able to get up from the bed. I thought i was suffering of incurable laziness. Because every morning i was waking up tired. And this has happened to me in the past 6 years. I was frustrated because after many hours, and when i say many i mean from 9 to 14 hours of sleeping i couldn't be able to wake up. I was waking up angry because i did not have much time left for my daily chores. And nothing was going right. I tried to understand what was happening with me, i read about  chronic fatigue and i was blaming my busy life with work and school for it. I was hopeless and i took all this as part of my life.
     One day i called somebody to make my eyebrows because i did not have a tweezers. The girl said she did not know how to make eyebrows with tweezers  that she can do it with razors but i did not accept it like that. I wasn't very happy with what she did but there was nothing to do about it. She was specialized in false eyelashes. As i was on holidays and i decided before traveling not to make my mascara with me because it never stays on my eyelashes, and most of the times is under my eyelids, i told her to put false eyelashes for me. They were looking great. I loved them. They were a little uncomfortable and it diminished visual field, i was looking beautiful. But happiness did not last. Besides the fact that my eyes started producing tears, the eyebrows started scratching me. I was thinking is the iron from the tweezers combined with the the inexperienced cosmetician  scratched my skin.

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