Sunday, December 30, 2012

XI.In the village

  We arrived in the village in the afternoon. We lodged at the same hotel like 2 years ago, in the same room. Nothing has changed, only their price got higher. Alex negotiated the price with them and they reduced it with 1 or 2 thousand Naira. We went to the house, but nobody was around. Grandma was at the hospital because he had an accident. We did not know how bad it was and when she will come back. We went into the house to see how it looks. It had iron door everywhere with iron lockers like a garage door.What i did not understand and i was very revolted about, is why they put iron lockers both on the inside and outside the bathroom door. It looked like a prison. Who am I going to lock in the bathroom? That thought was weird. We climbed the stairs which this time had railing to hold on to. The house had custom ceiling everywhere even on the terrace. I saw a very big insect and Charles said is a poisonous, maddening bee. Thank God i did not put perfume this morning i dont want it to confuse me with a flower. We went in the other house but the heat was overwhelming. Bianca brought the Indo'mie she kept in the car and ate it in the living room. We sat there for a few moment then i went out. They showed me where they berried Clifford right in front of their house there was a big mound with  some plants with big leaves on it. We decided to leave. The road was spoiled by the rain and it was bumpy. The car was going up and down and it was afraid it will tumble or get stuck in the mod. We never knew how deep the puddles were. We did not go far and we met grandma. She was coming home from the hospital She said that a bike hot her. She entered the car and Bianca was soo happy to see her. She did not want to let her go. We wanted to visit Chidemma and we left grandma to go home. We parked the car in their yard. Chidemma mother, a robust Negress, was extremely happy to see us again. She came and hugged me strongly and asked me when am I going to have another baby because she thought I was pregnant last time she saw me. Chidemma was not home and we gave the mother some Naira so that she will cook for us the next day. We went back to the hotel and Chidemma joined us soon. 

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