Tuesday, December 18, 2012

II. First time in Italy

Where were we ?
So we arrive din Italy . That day Rome didn't IIseem to me so spectacular as I was expecting . The architecture is close to the one is Viena , I almost felt like home dough ...They came back with some friends . One black guy that visited me before in Romania that was dating a romanian  girl from Bucharest . He came to me and said :
- Look how big you are ?
- Why ? i replied spiteful and then i realized he hasn't seen me for so many yers and that\s why he reacted like this when he saw me . He looked so different and old .
   We fallowed Kingsley to the queue where he was standing to buy a  train ticket for his friend. He was number 316 and they were only at number 259.  A long way to go but at least he was dragging my bad so i was free to looks around the shops in the station . The prices were to high for me to near them so i bought an ice cream to comfort myself. But i couldn't finish it so i gave it to Alex so that i will not throw it away.
    We went looking for some shops with reasonable prices . I wanted a perfume but we couldn't find anywhere Ghivenchi "Ange ou Demon " as I wanted . We finaly got one shop that had it and he bought me a gift set with shower gel and body lotion , despite finding it extremely expensive. After this we went to an italian leather shoes shop  where Alex bought  pairs of sandals for himself . I really cannot understand why i said i don't need a new pair of sandals in the beginning of winter , maybe because most o them were brown , which is not one of  my favorite colors, but i later regretted not buying some quality stuff. I was thinking that i will get some boots on my way back from Nigeria
    Kingsey dropped us to the tram station , then he went to buy something . while i was waiting for them to finish shopping i entered another market and bought a pair of lovely sandals for Chideraa. He used his card to open the gate to to tram stop. We waited for Kingsey to come back and train after train were coming and leaving .We later decided to go without him , i dont think he was even plannign to come bcck. We counted .There were 13 stations to the destination. I thought it will take forever . Finally we arrived to the house . The place cool.

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