Monday, December 17, 2012

I. A family reunion

     We have been planning for this trip for a long time . We met in Italy , Rome . WE arrived early in the morning and i was expecting him to be waiting for me at the airport . I was so tired and he wasn't there. We waited and we waited, people were coming to pick their friends and family , car after car . The guardian of the parking was smoking ganja without any problem . Finally he came and we took a bus to Roma Termini. Chideraa was happy to see him , she was holding him tight . He came with a friend that took my bag . The traffic was high and it took us more than it had to to arrive to the destination . We went somewhere to eat . They went to keep the bags in a friend's house . I ordered a coffee and 2 donuts. Chideraa wanted a pizza. It was old and she couldn't eat it . The coffee and the donuts were tasty . I went to the toilet and i was unpleasantly surprised to find a dirty and unkempt . They came back soon with the bag because they couldn't find the guy at home so we went looking for a shop to buy our wedding rings . I am going to pick my daughter from school so i will be back to you soon 

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