Thursday, December 20, 2012

V. At the hotel in Festac

   The hotel room where we spend the first days of our holiday in Nigeria was pretty cool . The shower was o.k.  although we had a to wait a little while before hot water would start coming . The bed sheets were clean and the bed was comfortable .The room had a desk with a tv on , a chair and a wardrobe with no door and a few square shelves . The windows had the so called "robber proof " and big curtain . By the window we also had a shabby huge armchair and nightstands on both sides of the bed .  Alex was always setting  the air condition at 18 degrees and i was feeling cold so i had to cover myself with the blanket . The bed was big so 3 of us were comfortable in it . I put the 10 cans of beer that Alex asked to the flight attendant because he thought that he paid enough and he deserved it . I was surprised that they gave him so many beer because i was always feeling ashamed in the flight to ask for too many drinks or an extra portion of food as he did .
   Charles had also a room the same hotel but downstairs . Last time where I went to Nigeria , anywhere I was asking for coffee i dint not find this is why this time i brought enough packs of Jacos 3 in 1 . In the morning i was going to the hotel's bar and asked them to bring me ma cup of hot water so i can drink my morning coffee. After 30-40 minutes , tired of waiting i was going myself t the kitchen , where I always find a black lady doing nothing , and i was looking for a cup and filing it it water to make my coffee . I never understood why it was always taking them so long to do anything . We had the breakfast included in the room's price and if i was going to order for it it would always take them around one hour to prepare it . The breakfast consisted in a  sandwich made with omelette and a cup of milk made with milk powder and sugar cubs and Lipton tea . When they noticed that i drink coffee in the morning they brought 2 sachet of Nescafe instead of the tea. One morning , after one hour of waiting for the breakfast i went to check what they were doing in the kitchen and i saw how there were making the sandwiches : after preparing the  omelette on the kerosene stove , they put it between 2 slices of bread and place it in the sandwich maker on which they placed a heavy saucepan :)) .Bread in Nigeria is sweet . I think they make it with milk and sugar , powder milk i suppose because i did not see much fresh milk . I can't even imagine those thin malnourished cows giving much milk .I think i know now why they mostly eat the head and the tail ,the stomach, the legs  and other things that we usually, Europeans don't because there is not much meat on the bones anyways.

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