Tuesday, December 18, 2012

III. A day in Italy

      It was an apartment at the 3rd floor in a villa. We had our own room .Kingsley brother was living there with his wife and his 2 kids . Chideraa was happy to have a playmate . The youngest was about 1 or 2 months old . I was incredibly tired so i tried to get some rest while Alex went out alone . I woke up after afew hours . Hungry . I went to kitchen and found some sausages in the fridge . I was surprised to find "white people\s food " in their fridge . They had all kind of things : yogurt , milk , muffins , salami . I brought a cappuccino from my bag and boiled some water . The man was cooking stew . He said that he is the one cooking in the house . Cool . This woman must be very lucky with 2 kids and a fine husband , living in a nice house . They asked me if i want to eat the food they cooked . I said i want to wait for my man to come back . I took a shower in the huge bath . The bathroom was enormous and with the tall walls was looking even bigger . I wonder how she succeeded to keep the house so clean while heaving a newborn .I took some pictures with my camera both inside on on the balconies . The rooms had wooden blinds . I called him to on the heat because as it was getting dark it was starting to get cold .He told me to close the wooden blinds that it will get warm because the administrator hasn't on the heat yet .
      I was angry that after so many hours he did not come back so i was thinking so many things ...Where did he go ? who is he with . So i decided to go out so that he will not find me when he comes back . I took a round of the neighborhood . I was already dark so i didnt see much . Just some houses and some fences .I was looking around carefully so that i will not miss the road back . On our coming back we sat down on the bench in front of the house . There were two buildings with the same entrance . they had flower pots every where . It was a lovely place to meditate .
     He was laying on the bed when i came back . He showed me the wedding ring he bought , the ones we chosed earlier but his own was a little tight.We decide to wear them from that moment. The man brought us food so we decided to eat in the kitchen . He had a visitor .They were laughing of the way i was eating the "semo" with fork .Chideraa was tired after the evening walk so she fall asleep quickly .But Alex wanted to watch football so he asked me if i want to go downstairs with him to look for a place where he can do it . The man fallowed us . They took beer and I took an alcoholic drink similar to Eristoff , who\s name I don't remember . The bar did not have the tv cable that was playing the football so we sat there and they discussed about educating their kids in Nigeria because they believe they they will get a better education there . I did not have the courage to visit their school though. We came back home around 11 because the bar was closing . I was happy that  they were closing because i was really tired . Not enough tired  not to expect some attention from him that night but as i was expecting i did not get it . He just hold me and we slept.

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