Tuesday, December 18, 2012

IV. The next day

   We wake up around 9 or 10. Kingsley brought some things that we should give to his sister when we arrive to Nigeria . They were packing the things , checking the weight . Me and Chideraa had a bag of 23 kg together and 2 school bags and he had the rest of 100 kg  in 5 bags , mostly carrying his cloths and shoes . We needed 2 cars to drive to airport so we found a friend to hep us .I went with Kingsley and Chideraa went with his dad in the other car . I was looking at his face . He was just an impoved version of Obi .... i can't believe how much he resembled him . I think Alex noticed the way I was staring at him the other night .I helped his type the name of the airport on his gps because he did not know the road very well . He was driving fast and he asked me if i was afraid since i was holding myself by the handle above the window. I said no and he smiled . Alex was so excited by this trip that he did not have time to eat the omlette that the man's wife prepared for him so she found a box to pack it for take away . We cecked in and finally got into the flight . They waited a few minutes for other passengers but they did not show up . The flight was almost empty . The lasagna they brouht for Chideraa was delicious , maybe because i finished her remains i didnt enjoy the food they later brought for me . As the fight was almost empty most of the people lied on 2-4 chair and slept . I tried to watch a movie but it did not capture my attention . When we got off the plain I felt the humid heat surrounding me . People for all the plains that landed on Murtala Muhammed Airport were flocking on the same exit down the stairs . We had to fill some form . After passing the stairs we were divided into 2 lines , nationals and foreigners . Luckily they noticed Chideraa and they allowed us to pass front . They stpped my husband for fingerprints so i had to bring out 10 euro from my bag so that he will escape interrogatory . We waited for a long time for the bags to come out . Finally we were out . Mathias and Chemoo and Charles  was waiting for us . Chino was driving our car . We went to the hotel in Fetac .

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