Sunday, April 7, 2013

Diet cake with cheese

As i started the dukan diet, i found some interesting recipes on the site, added by  different people, and to satisfy my craving for sweets i decited to try it.

1 kg of cottage cheese
200 grams of Quark cheese
6 eggs
2 pudding packets Dr.Oetker (vanilla or any other flavour)
-powder sweetener(about 200 grams)
-cinamon powder and vanilla flavour
-optionally goji berries

-Mix all the ingredients
-put baking paper into the tray
-put the mixture into the tray
-bake it for 30-40 minutes until
-cut it after it gets cold

I almost burned my tongue because i wasnt patient enough to wait for the cake to get cold. It tastes good by i was stingy with the sweetener and it wasnt as sweet as i wanted. Next time i will add more.

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