Monday, April 8, 2013

Rewriting my memories

           I am trying to be happier and enjoy every moment of my life so i started reading this book written by  Marting E. P. Seligman about happines. And i got to this chapter where he talks about Dr. Worthington's way of forgiveness He talks about a procces with 5 steps that i want to use to redefine my past unhappy events. The technique is called REACH.
                 -R from recall which means reminding  yourself the pain in a milder way. You dont have to think that the person that hurt you is a bad person
                 -E from empathy-try to understand why that person hurt you from his point of view and invent a story similar to what you think that the person that offended you would tell if he was in the situation of justyfying his actions
                 -A from altriusm and it means ofering the altruist gift of forgiveness . tell yourself that you can be above suffering and revenge
                  -C comes from commit and it reffers to the comitment you take to torgive in a piblic way, which can be done by writing poetry or a letter adressed to the guilty one in which he is told he is forgived.
                  - H comes from hold and it means mentaining the forgiveness
            So using this method I want to remember some of my sad memories.

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