Thursday, May 14, 2015

Babingka (rice cake)

-1 cup rice flour
-1/8 tbs salt
-1 1/2 tbs baking powder
-3 tbsp butter
-1 cup sugar
-1 cup coconut milk
-1/4 cup fresh milk
-3 pieces raw egg
-1/2 cup grated cheese
Procedure :
Preheat oven first.
-Combine rice flour, backing powder and salt then mix well, set aside
-Cream butter then gradually put in sugar while whisking.-
-Add egg then whisk
-Gradually add the rice flour-baking powder mixture
-Pour in coconut milk and fresh milk
-Pour in a baking pan and bake for 15 mins
-top with grated cheese and serve.
I was working a night shift when one of my colleague brought some babingka and I loved it so I decided to try. I asked Girlie for the recipe.
And because i had coconut milk in the fridge and I brought the rice lour all the way from Austria I finally decide to prepare it in one of my days of.
I red the list of the ingredients and I realised i have most of them.
I was a multi tasking, doing e-learning at the same time with my friend who was reading the questions and I was answering.
The coconut milk in my fridge looked like butter so in my logic way of seeng things I decided I don't need to put butter so I skipped it.
I started combining the ingredients and I started with the eggs, I thought 1 cup of sugar should be like 900 calories so I thought I should make it a diet cake so I put some powder sweetener instead.
I just combined the ingredients in my own way because I didn't read the procedure part. And it seemed to me the mixture was too fluid so I added an extra half a cup of flour.
I turned the oven on and poured the mixture into the pan. It was ready after 25 minutes.
So while I continued my e-learning one of my friends had the inspiration the ask me what am I doing.
So i was proud to say 'I am cooking'. I regret it immediately when I found out he was coming over for a visit with a friend. So I warned them: ' I don't guarantee my babingka is going to be a success. He replied :- Don't worry , we will eat it anyway.
And they arrive.. Me and my friends decided the cake doesn't look so bad after all but eventually we added some added some powder sugar on top for aestethic reasons.
And they arrive and I say : Here's the cake. One of them had the inspiration not to taste it, But the other one did. So I ask him: You didn't finish your cake, what happened? You didn't like it?
And he answers : - I did but I think it needed a little bit more sugar. And i said :  Oh yeah I didnt have  enough sugar so I put some sweetener. And he took another bite.
All goes well, we start watching a film and later on I think: -Oh let me taste the cake and see how it is . And I felt like I have a spoon of flour in my mouth. And I take another bite, just to convince myself how horrible it is. And I started laughing thinking how politely he only said that it only needed a little bit more sugar.
  Of course i also completely forgotten about the cheese. Well a lesson learned. Never served a cake unless you taste it before you give to your guests.

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